i hold space for you


A deeper connection, understanding and way of living.


something within

The Essence

I hold space for you and your deepest expression of self from wherever you are at right in this moment. 

I tap with you into your awareness of what it is that you really want to achieve, learn or change and how to transform the things that are no longer serving you on this journey, from your language to your thoughts to your actions.
My Mission is to support you to move forward in alignment with your most inner and truest version of your self.


Core work

The Fundament of four


Everything is flowing into each other, everything I do is interconnected. Life is fluidity, life is change. Everything belongs together and there are many different angles to look from. And because of this interconnection of all things, I love to work on these four core levels equally in my sessions -



Working on the physical level is an accelerator of integration. Physical movement and rituals are assisting the transformation that is taking place within. I support you to ground the less tangible parts, by feeling in and moving with the body. You are invitetd to full body, vocal and physical expression in our sessions. Different forms of movement and release techniques serve as a catalyst. You will receive homework, integrational tasks and exercises after every session.



All the feels - emotions are always here to tell us something. Our feelings are like a lamp turning on saying "hey, there is something going on for me.", please look at me, I want you to see me. They want to be felt, seen, heard acknowledged and understood. They ask you to pay attention and have a closer look. Our feelings raise our awareness. The more in tune we are and the more we know ourselfes, the better we are able to navigate thorugh the sea of our emotions. This is where my supporting you starts.


mental/ mind

The Mental part, our thoughts and beliefs have a powerful impact on how we live our lives. A lot of times we are not even aware of how much power the words in our head have, spoken out loud or not. During each session I assist you to raise your awareness on how you talk and think and plant the seeds for a new way of talking and thinking. A way that is even more attentive to the power of thought and richer in loving kindness towards self and others. I guide you in uncovering old beliefs and in changing the story. We basically rewire your brain, so to speak.



Energy is all around us! We are energy too! What ever we do will have an impact on us and our energy, either consciously or unconsciously. The great thing, we are able to work on our energy. We can do this for example via meditation, yoga, chi gong ( etc. ). Or we use tools like: Theta Healing, Kineosology, Clearing Work and much more. Plenty can shift if our energetical level is part of the process. Which is why I love to integrate this less tangible element into my work too.

dive in


No coaching session will be the same. I flow with you and what you bring to the space. Find out more about one-on-one session or my coaching packages.


Workshops & Retreat

The Vølva's Journey


Female Ejaculation


Vulva Watching

2h Workshop

Feeling and moving through the slowest part of you. Feeling your primal, your senses, your essence at the abundant well of your core.
— Fehu Freyjadóttir