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‘The Body Knows’ represents the wisdom, knowledge and memory inherent in every body. The wisdom that springs from more than what is present in this moment and life. 

A knowledge that is an instinctive one and that provides us as an animal in human form for generations with information and the memory that refers not only to real experienced events or incidents that we can remember, but to the part that feels that there is a not always accessible "more" in us, partly conscious, but often unconscious impulses through which our body communicates with us.


In this day and age we have often lost touch with this 'primal' information. The Body Knows means that we connect exactly with this primal and natural part of us and create an access to include and use this living, knowing part again naturally in our lives.

The Body Knows

Core Work -

A Fundament of Four

Everything flows into each other and everything I do is connected. Life is also fundamentally fluid and a constant change. Everything belongs together but can be seen from many different angles. And precisely because everything is interconnected, I love to work on these four core levels equally.

Physical / Body  
Emotional / Feeling 
Energetical / Spirit
Mental / Mind
Fehu Freyjadottir and a tree

_____    Philosophy

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