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About Freyjadóttir

Freyjadóttir, that is me - Fehu Freyjadóttir who gave that name to herself after outgrowing the past and the name that was given to her by her parents. My own life journey from when I was born till now brought me to where I am today and to what I'm doing with all of my heart, which is being of service, support and guidance to myself and for others on their own unique journey through the ocean that is life and the cosmos within.

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I remember that I wanted to become an always better version of myself for me and for everyone else since being a teenager and up to this day this is one of the things that drives me the most - self development.

Searching for answers on how to be happy when about 11 years old, I realised - I'm on my own, I can't rely on support from the outside world and I'm the only person who can make me happy. What I learned over the years though was that  -  Yes, I'm the only one who can make myself happy and that there IS support out there that can assist us on our journey to a deeper, more aligned, happier, content, more honest and truthful version of ourselfes whatever that means to us and however that version might look like to you.              

I had some epic support along the way and I'm entirely grateful for many reasons but one of them is to have mirrored back to me what I have to give to the world and how I can be of service.   

The awareness around my ability to support others through coaching and different other techniques has been there for quite some years and one of the most beautiful things is, that it's not all just coming from a text book - it's through my own life experience. I've lived through it all and I still do as life is a beautiful never ending process.

When living in Mozambique in 2015 where I was teaching Yoga, I felt that I wanted to connect more deeply to the mysteries of sensuality and sexual liberation and observe the effect this has on ones life and to how many aspects of ourselves and life it is connected to. I knew I wanted to start something different, I wanted to create something bigger, a business with a deeper meaning and purpose for myself.


This brought me to Berlin, and I had the honour of working with Sexologist and owner of the feminist sex shop "Sexclusivitäten" ('Sexclusivities') Dr. Laura Mérrit. Under her guidance and a lot of self study, I learned about the wonders of a sex-positive approach to life, and felt that I was stepping into my true calling. I started to run events like vulva watching, nude yoga, genital meditation, and female ejaculation workshops because I became more and more aware that I really had something to teach and share on how healing conscious sexuality with self and others can be on so many levels of our lives. I did a high-performance coaching training in that time as well to be able to support my clients on an even deeper level of their journey. Seeing people blossom by releasing insecurities, old patterns and beliefs that are not serving the individual, by listening, creating clarity within, supporting and guiding them in accepting themselves, their power, boundaries and needs, experiencing supporting connection to primal and fundamental energy, all of these things and more have inspired me in my journey towards a more liberated life for myself and others.

Now I enjoy and love being in service to people who want to deeply explore themselves and their abilities and who want to transform their lives.

If this is you - please get in touch for a info call and let's take it together from there.

With love, Fehu xxx

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