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fehu freyjadottir in the lake

Dancer, muse, viking descendant, authentic mover, lover of nature and embodiment, expressionist of sensuality, primal adorer, wildly feminine creature and a natural aliveness and truth seeker.

“There is always a deeper and truer version of everything, including yourself.”



My Vision - My Mission.

To help people to experience themselves.

To support them in expanding their awareness to feel more alive and authentic and to generate more aliveness in them and in their lives.


I love to create spaces in which people feel the permission to fully be who they are. A space where they can truly be themselves and where everything can be experienced as it is. In my experience, this creates the breeding ground for self-knowledge, awareness processes, acceptance, transformation, change, healing and allowing the flow of your energy, life force and pleasure.


Your joyful, (self) responsible, fulfilled, free, courageous, authentic, vital life begins here.


Accompanying these individual processes fills me with humility, pure joy, aliveness, love and inspiration.


  • Core Energetics Trainee (body-oriented Psychotherapy) at the Netherlands Institute of CE (2021-2024).

  • Certified Holistic Practitioner of Psychotherapy (2022)

  • Basic Qualification Psychotraumatology (2021)

  • Establishing a practice for Holistic Practitioners of Psychotherapy (Fortschritte, Hamburg 2021)

  • H.E.A.L - Holistic Embodiment for Authentic Leadership with Sophie de Lacaze & Nuno Salema in Berlin. (2021)

  • Training & Exam Preparation: Holistic Practitioners of Psychotherapy (Fortschritte, Hamburg 2020-2021)

  • Core Energetics Training (body-oriented Psychotherapy) at the CE Institute Berlin (2019-2020)

  • Theoretical and practical modules in the course to become a sex positive speaker and lecturere for sexual competence and sexual communication, especially on the topics of sex positivity, pleasure, female sexual anatomy and ejaculation with Dr. Laura Méritt in Berlin. (2017)

  • Systemic High Performance Coach (2017)

  • Certified Acro Yoga Teacher Level 1 (2015)

  • Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher (2014)

  • Theta Healing Basic and Advanced DNA (2013)

  • Thai Yoga Massage (2012 & 2013)




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fehu freyjadòttir giving a workshop with a group of woman
fehu freyjadòttir giving a workshop with a group of woman
fehu freyjadòttir giving a workshop with a group of woman
fehu freyjadòttir giving a workshop with a group of woman
fehu freyjadòttir giving a workshop with a group of woman
fehu freyjadòttir giving a workshop with a group of woman

I am a somatic therapist, qualified holistic practitioner of psychotherapy and embodiment-coach (including sensuality and conscious sexuality). 


My primary work is rooted in body oriented psychotherapy, breath- and bodywork as well as awareness exercises. This is a synthesis of these approaches that guide clients forward into the depths of their own being: restoring connection to their most authentic, primal, and sensual self while activating full and uninhibited self-expression.


As a workshop facilitator I teach all around the world on the subjects of embodiment, primalness, our connection to nature, ourselves and natural sexuality & sensuality. These events are ritual experiences as I love to dive deep into the mystical from a grounded position that cultivates presence as a refined awareness of the here and now. 

My work with people is a continuous journey that started 20 years ago. Over the last 10 years I grew in my experience and reached even more depth in the past 5 years working in the field of body oriented therapy, natural sexuality, sensuality and primal embodiment. 


It’s an endless exploration and I am committed to keep on growing and evolving as a human being, a therapist and in my work and the understanding of it through workshops, courses, individual therapy, inter- and supervision.

All I do is in dedication and loving service to the process and truth.

Click here to read some of my client's experiences.

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