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Fehu Freyjadottir in a Therapy Setting with a Client
Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a synthesis of body-oriented psychotherapy and spiritual development. It creates awareness of how we block our life energy and the defense patterns we maintain that were acquired in childhood. Core Energetics shows us how these patterns limit and disempower us, and helps us understand that these blocked energy patterns largely influence our lives and our worldview.

It is these very patterns that cause us to repeatedly experience similar life situations and relationship dynamics that frustrate and trap us. Core Energetics helps to identify and dissolve these blockages so that we can experience more freedom and aliveness.

„Know that if you don’t have pleasure, it is because you have lost your truth. Pleasure is the ultimate goal and curative agent of life!“
John Pierrakos (Core Energetics Founder)
Fehu Freyjadottir in a garden

_____    Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy is a body oriented psychotherapy approach and one of its key elements is body awareness. Body awareness is about learning to really feel yourself. Thus sensing and feeling yourself is getting to know yourself which is the basis of development, change and transformational processes. 


Like all psychotherapeutic approaches, Somatic Therapy is a longer-term oriented support for deeper processes on different levels, which are partly conscious already, but often still unconscious.


These processes take time and need your commitment to evolve and grow, to face yourself as well as your own suffering and greatness. 


The difference to other classical forms of psychotherapy (psychotherapy, talk therapy, behavioral therapy, etc.) lies mostly in the extended use of the body and in the relationship between the therapist and the client. 


It’s a process to get more out of your head and into your body. This approach is suitable for all who want to experience themselves, their aliveness and pleasure more, release physical and mental stress and develop themselves further, professionally and privately.


By using the body, our awareness for suppressed feelings expands and the possibility to integrate and go beyond our limiting beliefs and learned patterns opens up. A much clearer expression of our fixed thought and behavior patterns becomes possible through using bodywork as a tool instead of just our mind.


This brings awareness to how we block our energy and the defense patterns acquired in childhood which limit and disempower us in the here and now as adults.


All of this and more gives us insight into the relationship dynamics to ourselves and to others. How we repeatedly experience similar situations and dynamics that leave us frustrated, unfulfilled and tired.


Through the body we mobilize our physical energy in new ways to change our inner world and our outer experience of life in a sustainable way. Working with the body is crucial to changing our experience of embodiment, because our resistance, belief systems, patterns, coping mechanisms and typical emotional reactions are not only living in our minds but are powerfully stored in our body.


This supports us in opening up to unknown inner resources, expressing our creativity, accepting our sexuality and deepening our connection to self and others.

To get a good sense of this work means to experience it. Thus the process always starts with an ‘Intake Session’ that is followed by 5 follow up appointments before committing long term.


Healing is a deep practice and takes time, patience, intention, practice, devotion, compassion, support and care. If any of this resonates with you, we might be meant to work together.

Following, you find information on Core Energetics, the modality I use in my somatic therapy work as well as the answer to why I’m working body oriented. Further Information can be found in the FAQ’s. 

Fehu Freyjadottir giving treatment for a client
Why Body Oriented 

To realize, experience, feel and sense what is moving in you;

Body-therapeutic work makes tangible what has often been intellectually understood already.


Everything we have ever experienced is stored somewhere in our bodies. When we learn to listen to our body, its signals and the wisdom inherent in it as well as our feelings and give them space, we get a deeper access to ourselves and over time feel more and more alive, satisfied and good with ourselves and what is.


Everything in us, attitudes, behaviors and feelings, can rarely be changed sustainably by mere cognition on the level of the mind alone, so in order to learn we need new experiences from which we can draw new ways of being, possibilities and choices which then support us in connecting more deeply beyond our masks and defense patterns with the core of our being, our authentic self .


In order to let our energy, aliveness and pleasure flow more freely again on all levels, and not only mentally but also physically, emotionally and energetically we need of course more than our mind. We need to connect to the parts where we are blocked and where we hold on to free up our energy and its flow; and therefore body-oriented.

See my FAQ for further infos on practicalities.

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