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*Prices are not negotiable. Installment plans are available. Please contact me for more payment information and see my FAQ.

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Embodied Coaching

1  — The Path

3 months

Move in your own direction

3 months, 6 sessions (1h)

800€ instead of 900€ (you save 100€)*

2  — Unfurl

6 months

Dive into the Depth of Your Potential

6 months, 12 sessions (1h)

1.600€ instead of 1.800€ (you save 200€)*

3 — Rebirth

9 months

Give birth to your true self

9 months, 18 sessions (1h)

2.400€ instead of 2.700€ (you save 300€)*

4 — The Course of a Year

12 months

When visions become reality

12 months, 24 sessions (1h)

3.200€ instead of 3.600€ (you save 400€)*

Embodied Coaching or mentoring is help for self-help, the processing of a single specific concern or a current situation in the here and now, such as the topic of self-love, stress management, heartbreak, more pleasure in sexuality, new endeavors, reorientation in the job, etc.


For me, it is important to incorporate all that I have learned into the sessions I offer. This means that the repertoire ranges from classic coaching tools, to 'Emotional Clearing', to bodywork, yoga, breathing exercises and other integration modalities. I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery, to a place where the rules of everyday existence do not apply, a place that wants to be explored so that we can go beyond what we think is possible and what we call reality.


I create clarity with you about what you want to achieve, learn and change. I show you how to transform things like beliefs, destructive thinking, behavior patterns, and anything else that is holding you back - from your language to your thoughts to your actions.


You will receive homework and integration assignments and exercises from me after each session to support your process.

My mission is to support you to move forward strengthened and affirmed in your being, and with less baggage than you arrived. My wish for you is that you can move forward and move on from your Self, independent of the outside world.


All sessions are offered in German or English and are tailored to your needs. Depending on where you live, we meet either in person or virtually via video chat from the comfort of your own home. You can book single sessions or choose one of my coaching packages. There is also the possibility to create an individual offer for you.

Individual Sessions:


Individual sessions:

60 min 150€ // 90 min 190€ *

Couple sessions:

90 min 200€ // 120 min 250€ *


Core Energetics Coaching Session

  let yourself _____ be guided

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