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What to expect 


A journey of exploration and release. Of insight that might rise through traveling through our the yoniverse and the exercices that take place in the workshop


The intention behind the workshop and my work is to:


∞ reduce shame around our vulvas, sexuality, pleasure and all fluids involved.

 support all beings with a vulva on their way to reclaim their power.

 normalize all vulvas and all vulva fluids and functions involved so that we can embrace and honor this part of ourselves even more.

 share knowledge, wisdom and sex-positive education.

 open up the mind, broaden the horizon and challenge all negative beliefs around vulvas.

 hold a safe space for everyone to experience their vulva in a new way and what it might bring up.

 celebrate all Pussies, Sensuality and Sexuality


You'll emerge from the workshop with a deeper understanding of your body, your abilities  and femininity, a feeling of empowerment and a new gained, profound connection to yourself and others.

iceland ice cave

Who is this event for?


This ritual is for: 


∞ all humans with a vulva

∞ the curious ones, the adventurer, the explorer

∞ the ones who want to connect to other women, humans with a vulva and self in a safe environment, on a new level. And create a more loving connection to their vulva.

∞ everyone who wants to release shame and write a new narrative.

This workshop includes a range of nudity and you always just go as far as you feel good and comfortable. Each exercise is an invitation, you decide if you want to participate or not. 

This might sound challenging already for some and I want to invite this feeling of being challenged into this event too. I believe showing us with our most vulnerable parts the inside and outside ones can be scary and at the same time healing and transformative so I'd love to invite you to be there with everything that wants to be seen and felt.

close-up of frozen ice and river

Vulva Portals_____

Let us connect to our beautiful bodies and Vulva's in this Vulva Portals ceremony.

This workshop is about all things Vulva and the main intention is to support and strengthen your relationship to your own vulva, to worship her and to allow others to lovingly see and worship her uniqueness and beauty too so you can experience transformation in a soft and gentle way.


This experience is an introduction to the beautiful, magical, sensual and healing connection that can take place with self, other women and lovers or partners when we take the time to watch and see. 


It is a ritual that takes us on a journey to one of the most sacred places of our body. 


Together we will create an energetic womb where it is safe to open our hearts, our mind and eventually our legs. You might encounter a deep vulnerability and the profound power of shifting into softness where you usually might want to turn inwards and hide. 


You are welcome with all of it.

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