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The intention behind the workshop and my work is:

 To connect, with yourself and with others.

 To express the authenticity of each individual.

 To support people on their path to themselves.

 To create a space where each person has a place, just as he or she is right now and with what he or she brings to the shared space.

 To share knowledge.

 To give the mind a break and bring things out of the head and into the body.

 To express and live out emotions freely.

 To create and allow new spaces for action and possibilities to emerge.

 To release vitality, aliveness, pleasure and new life energy.

 To give space to curiosity and self-exploration.


What we do in the workshop:


We explore and train our instinctive being with all our senses. Dive into the power and wisdom of our body. Give expression to the original, deep core emotions within us; move sometimes animalistically, sometimes sensually, sometimes angrily, sometimes explosively, share ourselves, let ourselves be carried, breathe, are loud and quiet, wild and tame, honest and true.

Icelandic Waterfall

What you can take away from the workshop:

 A deeper understanding of yourself and your body.

 Aliveness and love for life.

 Unimagined possibilities.

 A stronger sense of connection.

 New strength and energy.

∞ Inspiration

 The integration of new and old experiences, the recognition of new points of view and seeing new perspectives.


Who is the event for?

For all who are...

 curious and open.

 have fun trying out new things and are not afraid to take a step out of the usual comfort zone.

 enjoying embodied experiences and experiencing themselves in general.  

 want to learn more about themselves.


Good to know:


You do not need to have any prior experience to participate in or take anything away from this workshop. This workshop includes a group process work portion where we work with body psychotherapy elements. Each exercise is an invitation. There is nothing you have to do and being mindful of your limits is a top priority at all times. The rule - Everything can nothing must. You only go as far as it feels good, right and coherent for you.

Close-Up of a Rock

Primal Embodiment_____

Senses, Movement, Emotions, Expression & Body-oriented Process Work

Primal Embodiment is an explorational journey to the core of your being, your originality and your senses. A deep dive into the source of your being and the origin of your authentic, primal and above all free, expressing self.


Your senses, primal drives, and core emotions (feelings and effects that are considered an essential part of all human existence - sadness, anger, fear, disgust, love, hate but also contempt, shame, guilt, joy, surprise, and interest.) are your guideposts for deeply felt and experienced aliveness, as well as the free expression of these emotions coming out of you.


Primal Embodiment is an invitation to explore things outside your comfort zone and beyond what you have learned and what society deems acceptable and appropriate.


This day-long workshop is the beginning of a journey and offers you the opportunity to meet yourself and others in a whole new and perhaps unfamiliar way.

The process-group work is about showing yourself, seeing and being seen as well as tapping into the potential of change and healing in and with the group. While the individual exercises are about feeling and noticing yourself.


This is an event for all people! Regardless of gender or background. Everyone is welcome here who is ready to meet themselves.

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