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The intention behind the workshop and my work is:


∞ To give men the space to freely share, communicate and ask questions.

∞ To dive deeper into the options given to us and to show new possibilities.

∞ To reduce shame around sexuality, desire and preferences.

∞ To share knowledge and sex positive education.

∞ To open our heart space even wider and expand our horizons.

∞ To normalize female ejaculation and bodily fluids.

∞ To create a safe space for men to openly and freely discuss feelings, questions, fears, insecurities, preferences, desires and experiences about sensuality, intimacy and sexuality.  

∞ To challenge negative beliefs around female ejaculation and sexuality.  

∞ To invite men to come into their feelings even more.

∞ To take off the pressure of having to achieve, function or perform, and challenge our ideas of how to be a man and how to be when it comes to sexuality.


What we do in the workshop:


We dive deeper into connecting with ourselves and sensuality. We travel with our senses. We explore through movement, self-initiation, sharing, ritual, guided exercises and shared knowledge.

Woman in a forest holding an orange

What you can take away from the workshop:


You will walk away from the workshop with a deeper understanding of yourself and the female body (on all levels), your abilities, and your sensuality. You will arrive home with new knowledge, insights and more clarity. You will feel more aware and empowered and more connected to yourself.

This is an event for all men who:

∞ want to know more about the physical, emotional, energetic and mental anatomy of women.  

∞ Would like to learn more about the topic of female ejaculation.

∞ want to connect more deeply with women and themselves.

∞ want to invite more sensuality and feeling into their lives.

∞ are simply curious.

∞ want to expand their horizon and knowledge.

∞ would like a new or different approach to what they have been living in the area of sexuality so far.


Good to know:


No prior experience is needed to attend or take anything away from this workshop. As in all my events, all exercises are an invitation. There is nothing you have to do and being mindful of your limits is a top priority at all times. The rule - Everything can, nothing must. You only go as far as it feels good, right and coherent for you.

Woman in front of a tree holding an orange

Know her Anatomy_____

A workshop for men about female sexuality, feeling, depth and sensuality.

Get to know the female (physical, emotional, energetic and mental) anatomy better and learn what you always wanted to know about female ejaculation, deeper connection and sensuality.


Learn how to connect deeper with yourself and all feminine beings and how to create the space in which a woman can surrender and relax even more.


This workshop offers an introduction to the wonderful, magical and primal experience of female ejaculation as well as the world of sensuality, support, communication, appreciation, safety, new experiences and connection with yourself and others.

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