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The intention behind the workshop and my work:


 To bring something back into consciousness that has always been there. 

 To reduce shame around sexuality, pleasure and all fluids involved.

 To support women on their journey to reclaim their primal power.

 To normalize vulva ejaculation and female bodily fluids.

 To invite, embrace and honor all of our bodily functions and fluids.

 To share knowledge, wisdom and sex positive education. 

 To open our minds and expand our horizons.

 To challenge all negative beliefs around female ejaculation.

 To create a safe space to explore all the possibilities of your body and dive into all aspects of vulva ejaculation, sensuality and sexuality.


What we do in the workshop:


We dive deep into our power, wisdom and ancient knowledge. We travel with our senses. We explore ourselves and our anatomy in theory as well as practice through movement, self-initiation, sharing, ritual, exploration of our bodies and guided exercises.

What you can take away from the workshop:


You will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of yourself and your body, your abilities and femininity. You will feel empowered and more connected to yourself and something profound and universal.

For whom is the event:


∞ Everyone who us curious 

∞ The adventurers

∞ The explorers

∞ All those who want to dare to return to ancient wisdom and original experience and knowledge.

∞ All people with a vulva who want to learn and explore more about female ejaculation.

Iceland Waterfall

Good to know:


You don't have to be super orgasmic or experienced to participate or gain anything from this workshop.

This workshop includes a certain amount of nudity and intimate touch (with yourself only), as well as exploring your own body.

Each exercise is an invitation. There is nothing you have to do and being mindful of your boundaries is a top priority at all times. The rule - Everything can, nothing must. You only go as far as it feels good, right and coherent for you.


*This is an event for all people with vulvas! So if you are a man, don't identify as a woman or don't have a vulva, you are welcome and invited to stop by and participate here - "Know her Anatomy".

Also, if a workshop is not for you or you prefer to explore this topic one-on-one, there is the option of 1:1 sessions via video chat or in person.*

Naked woman on top of a waterfall
Woman lying on top of a waterfall

Female Ejaculation_____

A journey to all that is flowing within you

Female ejaculation is a source of healing, magic and power and still seems to be a myth for many. Something that is only possible for a few or something that is only related to porn. Even doctors and scientists argue about this "phenomenon" when the fact is - FEMALE EJACULATION IS REAL!


It is not just something porn stars can do, or the best trained tantra practitioners and teachers, or just those who are highly orgasmic. How do I know this? Because I study this potent and magical fluid. I have been studying the physical and emotional movements behind it and the experience itself for several years now, and I am neither enlightened nor a porn star.


Learn everything you ever wanted to know about this magical and potent fluid and female ejaculation.


This 4-hour workshop is the beginning of a deep journey and offers an introduction to this wonderful, magical and primal experience of female ejaculation.


An adventure that you can experience with yourself or with a lover or partner.

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