Vulva Watching

VULVA WATCHING jeremy-bishop-394202-unsplash.jpg

This 2h workshop is an introduction of the beautiful, magical, sensual and healing connection that can take place with self, other women and lovers or partners when we take the time to watch and see.

The intention behind the workshop and my work is:

  • to reduce shame around our pussies, sexuality, pleasure and all fluids involved.

  • to support women on their way to claim their power back.

  • to normalise the Vulva and all Vulva fluids and functions involved.

  • to embrace and honour this part of us even more.

  • to share knowledge, wisdom and sex-positive education.

  • to open the mind, broaden the horizon and challenge all negative beliefs around the pussy.

  • to hold space for everyone to experience their vulva in a new way and what it might bring up.

  • to celebrate all Pussies, Sensuality and Sexuality

You'll emerge from the workshop with a deeper understanding of your body and potential. You will feel a deep sense of your femininity. You will leave the space feeling empowered. You'll arrive home feeling more connected. And you'll be more aware of the universe and yourself - a profound shift in perception.

The topic for the event is all things Vulva of course. The workshop starts in a connecting circle to ease our way into the realm of our yoniverses. We explore our own pussy visually first before we pair up and exchange the gift of being seen and heard. Being seen and heard with our fantastic and unique vulvas and the feelings that might rise from this practice. Yes, this might sound challenging for some of you. I want to invite this feeling of being challenged into this event too. I believe, showing us with our most vulnerable parts the inside and outside ones can be scary and at the same time healing and transformative. I'd love for you to just be there with everything that wants to be seen and felt.

This event is for:

  • the curious ones

  • the adventurer

  • the explorer

  • the ones who want to connect to other women and self on a different and deeper level.

This workshop includes a range of nudity and you just go as far as you feel good and comfortable.