Female Ejaculation for Female Beings

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A source of healing, power, magic & divinity. Female Ejaculation still seems to be a myth, something just a few women are gifted with or something that is just connected to porn ( squirting ). Even doctors and scientists are divided over this “possibly" existing phenomenon when the fact is – FEMALE EJACULATION IS REAL!!!

And it is also not just something that porn stars are able to do, or the best trained tantra practitioners or just the ones who are enlightened and highly orgasmic. How do I know? Because I study this beautiful and magical nectar. I study the physical and emotional movements of it and the experience in itself. I´m neither enlightened, nor a tantra professional or a porn star. I wouldn't even call myself highly orgasmic as it's just another label to me.

Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the divine nectar and magical juice of your badass goddess self.

This 4h workshop is an introduction of this beautiful, magical and primal experience.

An adventure you are able to achieve with yourself or with a lover or partner.

The intention behind the workshop and my work:

  • to bring something that has always been there back to awareness.

  • to reduce shame around sexuality, pleasure and all fluids involved. - to support women on their way to claim their power back. - to normalize Female Ejaculation and all female body fluids.

  • to embrace and honor all our carnal body functions and liquids. - to share knowledge, wisdom and sex-positive education. - to open your mind, broaden your horizon.

  • to challenge all negative beliefs around Female Ejaculation. - to hold space for everyone to explore all possibilities.

  • to delve into all aspects of Female Ejaculation, Sensuality and Sexuality

We dive deep into our power, wisdom and ancient knowledge. We journey with our senses. We explore ourselves and anatomy, through movement, self-initiation, sharing, ritual and practice.

You'll emerge from the workshop with a deeper understanding of your body, your capabilities and femininity. You’ll arrive home transformed. You will feeling empowered and connected to something profound, universal and yourself.

This event is for:

  • the curious ones

  • the adventurer

  • the explorer

  • those who dare to reconnect and come back to an ancient wisdom & primal experience

  • all those who want to know more about Female Ejaculation.

You don´t have to be highly orgasmic or super experienced to join the workshop or to gain something from it.

This workshop includes a range of nudity & sexual touch/exploration “with yourself only”. You just go as far as you feel good and comfortable.

* If you are male identifying or would prefer to explore this topic more privately, I offer 1:1 sessions via video chat and in person. *