Wow, wow, wow! You hold space like a motherfucker. NOBODY has made me touch upon such deep vulnerability, to be so raw and honest. I went to the bathroom, and my reflexion in the mirror shocked me: I look younger, eyes are bright, can’t see a sign of 3 weeks of insomnia and unhealthy habits. In one hour!!!! Fuck YES! In deep gratitude.
— Ida, Nicaragua & Norway

After my Emotional Clearing session with Fehu I’m so much better in comparison to before. Everything’s is just fuckin on the upswing. I found a great new drummer for my band. My arm has gotten so much better. I lost around 7 kilos of weight. I feel closer to myself. I regained the confidence to chase my dream and I wrote a business plan for a new business idea I had. Fehu is the closest thing to a witch I’ve ever met.
— Nils, Germany

Fehu’s Female Ejaculation workshop has been by far the most incredible workshop I’ve ever been too I felt hesitation initially because it was a lil left of centre in my world however I know the more I learn about myself the more incredible my world becomes. Fehu‘s energy is humble, safe and inviting so the conversation I had with her instantly shifted me to want to be there without a doubt. Her workshop was a game changer for me and opened me up in so many ways, my relationship definitely dived deep into a level I hadn’t experienced before and has been evolving ever since! I love it! Fehu is what women need to open their world.
— Eliza, Melbourne

 I totally like how organic everything is, there is no recognisable structure and every time after a session with Fehu I am full of “joie de vivre”, especially when it was hard. I learn a lot, feel that the advice Fehu gives or the doors she shows are tangible and real. Everything feels so grounded and therefore close and connected, there is a palpability and nothing felt pulled out of thin air. The Sessions are whole and balanced within themselves and I never realise when they are over. Most of all, I like the fact that it’s so unconventional that it’s feminist and esoteric and somatic, but also soulful. Simply a good mix of everything.
— Celeste, Berlin

 WOman! You have literally changed my life. There has been such a change within myself, and between my relationship with my vulva since attending your workshop. I feel like since unlocking my juju she has been so much healthier and so juicy. My sex drive is been primal as fuck and I can’t describe the gorgeous juicy sex that I’ve been delving into with my partner. It was not a coincidence that we met. Thank you for enlightening me and re-connecting me.
— Anonymous, Australia

My body is male and my soul female. I met Fehu Freyadóttir first at a meeting, she lead about female ejaculation in the flat of famous sex positive feminist and sexologist Dr. Laura Merrit. Fehu and the women who took part immediately accepted me. Really it had been a kind of white magic. Fehu inspired such an openly swap of ideas and feelings, that all members of the meeting went home enriched and happy. I’m still friends with all of them. My soul told me 9 months ago, that my body should be more suitable for my soul. I want my soul to feel at home in my body. So I chose Fehu as my coach on the adventure to unfold my feeling female and sexuality in my beautiful body. And let me tell you, she is so great and wise in leading me to myself. I love me. I love you. I love Fehu.
— Jeanne Rudi, Germany

I have just attended Fehu’s extraordinary ‘Female Ejaculation’ workshop here in Melbourne. She creates a very beautiful and safe space to delve into the depths of our bodies and hearts and see the incredible beauty that resides in each of us. I feel more empowered and deeply affected being in the company of other incredible women. I wish all women would take this workshop. We could heal the world. OM.
— Melissa, Australia

Fehu Freyjadóttir’s female ejaculation workshop for women in Melbourne was absolutely gorgeously nourishingly wonderful, btw. she does wonderful work. Without a trace of the ego rockstar b#######t trip that so many Tantra facilitators come with. I highly recommend working with her.
— Kathryn, Australia

Fehu’s workshop totally changed my perception of female anatomy. Her honesty and openness as well as her profound knowledge broadened my horizon about what I am physically capable of. There were so many “aha” moments. If you want to learn more about yourself and strengthen your bodies wisdom - invest in yourself and join one of her teachings or private sessions
— Franziska Brodhun, Germany

Attending Fehu’s workshop on Female Ejaculation was extremely satisfying for my partner and I, we felt we made a new connection in our relationship. It allowed us not only to connect intimately with each other more sensually but also with our own bodies through relaxation and senses exercises. I loved that the “physical” part of the workshop was structured in a way that my partner could explore for her self alone first. Afterwards I really felt that I was invited by my partner to explore her sexuality, I enjoyed seeing, hearing and feeling her enjoyment from her exploration and our exploration together. I found the whole physical interaction in which my partner and I shared our intimacy has opened a new doorway into our sensual, sexual and spiritual connection with each other. It’s like entering a room of your house that you’ve never been into before. I truly feel with the knowledge I have gained from Fehu’s workshop that the pleasure I can offer my partner will make for a longer lasting and deeper sensual experience for us.
— Anonymous male participant from the Female Ejaculation Workshops for Couples, Australia