With whom do you work?

  • With Individuals and couples of all walks of life, all sexes and sexual orientations.

Do you just coach in english?

No, I coach in German as well.

What is it that you do as a Sex Positive Mentor & Life Coach?

I support, assist, mentor, coach, teach, encourage you to

  • bring clarity into your own process.

  • be more clear in your communication.

  • connect with yourself and others on a new level.

  • approach yourself and someone you are attracted to on a more conscious and conscientious plane.

  • reduce shame and guilt around sensuality & sexuality.

  • gain a deeper awareness of the diversity and depth of pleasure.

  • facilitate the use of sex positive language.

  • support on all topics sensual and sexual.

  • guide you in relating differently to self and others.

  • act and move forward from a place of full alignment with yourself.

  • recognise your needs.

  • become aware of the diversity and different approaches to life.

  • learn how to live with Herpes in an understanding, healing, calm, accepting and peaceful way.

How do you like to work?

  • I love to flow with whatever the client brings into the space

  • Holding space, listening, being a sounding-board, asking questions, sharing what comes through, giving feedback

  • Emotional Clearing whenever a session is calling for it

  • Fortnightly for 1h - 1,5h to allow enough time and space for integration

  • I offer Integrational Tasks ( “Homework” ) for a deeper integration of the shifts and changes happening during and after each session.

  • I take notes during each session so you can fully focus on being in the moment and with what’s coming up for you. I forward the notes to you via email including some integrational task homework too.

What do people get out of working with you?


  • gain a deeper knowledge about yourself - dreams, desires, wishes, purpose.

  • learn to trust yourself more.

  • get to know yourself better.

  • embody a stronger connection to your own body, sensuality & sexuality.

  • recognize your needs quicker.

  • live your full potential.

  • find your own truth and learn to speak and live this truth.

  • unleash your primal sensuality & connect with your primal essence and instincts.

  • are guided & supported on your own journey.

  • increase your level of awareness.

  • will set boundaries more clearly.

  • learn to find out what it is that serves you best and what not and to live by it.

  • will know what truly empowers you.

What would your clients say for whom is your Coaching & Mentoring for?

For people who:

  • want to bring structure and clarity into their own process.

  • are looking to work with someone grounded and spiritually open at the same time.

  • do not feel like being pathologized ( exmpl. there is something wrong with you, here is a label ).

  • are not just looking for a quick fix.

  • had “bad” or not that satisfying experiences with other modalities before.

  • are ready to fully commit to themselves and the process.

  • want to be seen and acknowledged as a human and not “just” as a gender.

  • are willing to really do the work.

  • want an alternative that is not “too out there”.

  • are looking for a new and/ or different approach to every aspect of life and themselves.

  • want to fall in love with themselves.

  • would love to establish a better relationship with having Herpes.

Can you give a few examples of the things you supported people with?

  • Self love and self acceptance struggles

  • A new and more conscious approach to sensuality & sexuality

  • Abandonment issues

  • A deeper connection to your pleasure and pleasure organs

  • Mind setting

  • Capacity for a richer level of connecting

  • Becoming clear on who you are

  • Living a more aligned life

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Struggle with Herpes

Can payments be made only in Euros?

  • No, you can also pay in Australian $.

What payment options do you offer?

  • Depending on where you are in this world you can pay either in cash, via bank transfer or PayPal.