When I first thought about doing my own research it was mostly connected to Female Ejaculation and the lack of research and statistics that are available. When it comes to Female Ejaculation there is little research that has been done so far and it is also a topic with little or no support regarding the funding of such a research and I would love to change that! It also dawned on me that there is still not enough research on other sexuality topics either. After researching about Herpes on and off since I had my first outbreak a few years ago I've been aware that there is not enough information regarding Herpes too. What I found was either all medical or herbalism oriented. I remember reading a book on herbal healing and felt even worse after even though I'm all about plant magic. It just seems there are not enough alternatives.

So I'm doing this research project as I want to know as much as I can about Sexuality, Female Ejaculation and Herpes first hand to be able to create an even richer content that others can learn from and statistics are a part of this.

I would love to provide education beyond procreation from as many different angles as possible and YOU can be a part of gaining this deeper understanding and knowledge of the beautiful, primal and juicy experience that Female Ejaculation is as well as supporting me in diving diving deeper into the understanding of Herpes and it's effects on the human body and psyche and the WONDERful and rich knowledge on Sexuality itself.

Through providing answers and sharing your own experience with Sexuality, Female Ejaculation & Herpes in the questionnaire for males (beings with a penis ) and females ( beings with a vulva ) you will be able to support a positive change making cause. You will help to create a broader knowledge. It only takes a few minutes and all information is given anonymously. You feeling good and safe is important to me ! You becoming part of this journey is much appreciated - THANK YOU for taking the time.