Second Story Studio, Melbourne

THE Venue in Melbourne for all things juicy and conscious. Run by one of my favorite humans on the planet Michael Gill and his crew. 

The Vortex

an incredible movement and project of CONSCIOUS EROTICA featuring real people exploring authentic sexuality. 

James Looker Photography

Main creator, mastermind and visionary behind The Vortex, my amazing friend and WONDERful co-creation buddy photographer James Looker. 

Sandra Kaul

Sandra is a WONDERful woman, dear sister, lovely friend and amazing business coach. She is one of the smartest babes I know and definitely worth checking out.

Joanna Kan Design

Jo is an incredible designer with a warm heart and an exquisite smile. She supported me so gracefully in finishing my webpage and helping me out with all the things I wasn't able to do myself. If you ever need help making your webpage dreams come true - Jo is the woman to go to.